(UB022) Resiliency and Perseverance: How a kid from foster care became a Navy SEAL, CEO & motivational speaker to leaders. Featuring John McGuire, CEO @ Seal Team Physical Training

Don’t miss the amazing story of John McGuire, CEO of Seal Team Physical Training, leader who has overcome a lot on his journey to success - the foster system, being the underdog at boot camp, becoming a Navy SEAL, 29 broken bones including his neck and being told he’d never walk again. His story is truly inspirational and is packed with solid leadership advice that is bound to any leader.

Today John sounds off about the following stories:

  • Why his desire for family drove him to become a Navy

  • Three crazy boot camp stories including why he and his bunk-mates had to be “Quiet Ninjas”

  • How he made sure he had enough mental and physical strength to achieve his goal of being a SEAL

  • How and why he hustled to start his physical training company which has expanded to six cities and has had up to 210 people in a single class

  • Why the Discovery Channel is creating a documentary about his work

  • How he made it through a neck injury that caused the doctors to say he’d never live through the night or walk again

Photo by Robert Baker