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Hi, I’m Marisa

and I’ve spent my entire career working within high growth, high pressure technology companies who have just found product market fit and are scaling like crazy.

There’s a special kind of chaos that comes with this transition into “The Tween & Teen Years” and, while it can be overwhelming for many leaders, it’s exactly the environment I thrive in. 

Here’s how you know a company is entering The Tween Years: 

  • You’ve found product market fit and have begun the process of adding employees, teams and functions to support your growing customer base

  • You love the startup energy but have noticed it beginning to change

  • Your right hand doesn’t always know what your left hand is doing

  • The brains of the operations (aka, leadership) hasn’t quite caught up to the growth that’s happening throughout the company

  • Fires are popping up everywhere and they seem to be connected to the addition of people and the complexity that has come with the numbers

  • The employees who brought the company through startup phase are struggling to become the leaders necessary to take the company through the next stage of growth

  • Frustrations are running high

  • Silos are forming, teams are bickering, communication is failing

  • Chaos is ensuing

  • You know something has to change but are overwhelmed and don’t know exactly where to start.

If this resonates with you, then you have a lot in common with the leaders who have brought me into their organizations in the past.

My background in Industrial Organizational psychology. Plus a lifetime of being exposed to small and quickly growing businesses allows me to help leaders implement the frameworks required to systematically get everyone in the company facing the same direction, communicating effectively and running towards a single, collective goal. 

Having Marisa in my inner circle of strategic advisors has been a huge asset as I’ve scaled and grown my business over the past several years. Her deep understanding of the psychology of people combined with her experience working with quickly growing businesses makes her truly unique. She’s pragmatic, focused and willing to challenge me to become the leader my business needs me to be.
— Alex Alpert, CEO & Co-Founder Shyft

My Biggest Accomplishments

  • Scaled Operations (HR, Recruiting, Facilities and IT) for, a Fortune 500 email hosting company that grew 1000% in 3 years

  • Established and scaled Operations, Customer Success, Inbound Sales, Pre-production and Production functions for an online apparel company

  • Named one of the Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts in the US

  • Have often served as the only female on the Leadership Team and have coached numerous CEOs on how to increase diversity of thought on their leadership teams

  • Partnered with the CEO of a 100 year old organization to transform and strengthen their Board of Directors. Supporting handbooks, trainings and materials were presented at a national conference and are now being utilized on numerous Boards across the country

  • A Certified Executive Coach who has helped hundreds of Vice Presidents and C-Suite members build strong, cohesive leadership teams

  • Scaled an international team spanning four countries

  • Was commissioned to write the book, Culture: More than Jeans and Margarita Machines

  • Designed a Customer Experience Model that has transformed how organizations to turn customers into Brand Champions