(UB018) Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement: The Correlation between the two and the role great HR Pros play in making it happen. Featuring Aimee Lucas, VP & CX Transformist @ Temkin Group

Don’t miss out on hearing Aimee Lucas, Vice President and Customer Experience Transformist at Temkin Group, talk about the importance of focusing on employee engagement as part of a greater strategy to increase customer loyalty.

You’ll hear us sound off about:

  • Powerful statistics proving that customer experience is stronger when employee engagement is high

  • Why it’s more important than ever to have an HR Pro who partners with the Customer Experience experts in your organization

  • How the HR profession is changing and what that means for organizations who care about customer loyalty

  • How great HR influences engagement

  • The shifting needs within the HR profession

  • The similarities between Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

  • Why it’s important to spend time getting to know your people (customers and employees) Specific questions you can ask people to get a better understanding of their pain points.

  • Three actionable tips for the HR Pro who cares about Engagement

  • Pathways to becoming an Engagement Expert and how people end up being thought leaders and experts in this space

  • Ways to collect data on employee engagement that go beyond the traditional survey

Supporting Materials:

Article mentioned in the podcast: Customer Experience and HR: It’s Time to Get Together

You should definitely check out the resource available at the Temkin Group website and their blog

Photo by Pavan Trikutam